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Dylan Els is a youth journalist from South Africa. Edit


Dylan Els is a young journalist passionate about news and reviewing films.

Nationality South African
Born Dylan Els

17 January 2002

Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Child Reporter
  • Blogger
  • Journalist
  • Author
Years active 2013 - present 
Website DylanElsBlog


Dylan Els was born in January 2002. He was born in, and currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a young journalist and child reporter and is passionate about reviewing films and writing news pieces. He currently owns DylanElsBlog , where he writes his own content based on films and news. 

Dylan Els became recognised as a young journalist in an article by the South African National Reading Campaign. Thereafter, he had interviews and articles published in several South African Publications. He is a straight-A student in middle school where he recieved colours for academics, alongside other awards and recognision for writing. He has also written a short story, which consisted of about 5 chapters, which he published three of the five on his blog. 

Dylan has many hobbies, but writing is not one of them as mentioned in an article by the SA National Reading Campaign . He said that, even though he is a child, writing is a job and a responsibility, not just a hobby. 


DylanElsBlog is a blog/website that Dylan Els created in order to have a place that he can write freely without having to report to an editor. He admitted that he was very ambitious for an 11 year old (at the time) but he said that he would be able to write with more passion if he is writing for his own blog. The blog is now a platform for Dylan to express his opinion by giving a child's perspective on certain topics, such as the movies that he reviews. The blog was re-regestered as on 12 December 2014, when he decided the at the end should of the website adress should go. 

iLA Edit

iLA, an abbreviation for I Love Animals is an activism campaign that supports animal rights and is against animal abuse. It was founded so that Dylan could express his love for animals.


The logo of activism campaign, iLA.

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